2-1: Position, Velocity, and Speed

Position: is the location of the particle with respect to a chosen reference point that we can consider to be the origin of a coordinate system.

Displacement: the displacement  \Delta x  of a particle is defined as its change in position in some time interval. As the particale moves from an initial position  x_{i}  to a final position  x_{f}  its displacement is given by:

 \Delta x\equiv x_{f}-x_{i}   (2-1)


Distance: is the length of a path followed by a particle. distance is always represented as a positive number, whereas displacement can be either positive or negatve.

Average velocity\nu _{x,avg}  of a particle is defined as the particle’s displacement  \Delta x  divided by the time interval  \Delta t  during which that displacement occus:

 \nu _{x,avg}\equiv \frac{\Delta x}{\Delta t}   (2-2)


Average speed:  \nu _{avg}  of a partical, a scalar quantity, is defined as the total distance  d  traveled divided by the total time interval required to travel that distance:

\nu _{avg}\equiv \frac{d}{\Delta t}  (2-3)




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