2.1: Derivatives and Rates of Change


1. Definition: The tangent line to the curve y=f(x) at the point \displaystyle P(a, f(a)) is the line through \displaystyle P with slope

\displaystyle m=\lim_{x \to a}\frac{f(x)-f(a)}{x-a}

provided that this limit exists

– there is another expression for the slope of a tangent line that is sometimes easier to use. If \displaystyle h=x-a, then \displaystyle x=a+h and so the slope:

\displaystyle m=\lim_{h \to 0}\frac{f(a+h)-f(a)}{h}

– Velocities

we define the velocity (or instantaneous velocity\displaystyle v(a) at time \displaystyle t=a to be the limit of these average velocities:

\displaystyle v(a)=\lim_{h \to0}\frac{f(a+h)-f(a)}{h}

– Derivatives

Definition: The derivative of a function \displaystyle f at a number \displaystyle a, denoted by \displaystyle {f}'(a), is

\displaystyle {f}'(a)= \lim_{h \to0 }\frac{f(a+h)-f(a)}{h}

if this limit exists

– if we write \displaystyle x=a+h, then we have \displaystyle h=x-a and \displaystyle h approaches 0 if and only if \displaystyle x approaches \displaystyle a. therefore an equivalent way of stating the definition of the derivative, as we saw in finding tangent ines, is

\displaystyle {f}'(a)=\lim_{x \to a}\frac{f(x)-f(a)}{x-a}

– The tangent line to \displaystyle y=f(x) at \displaystyle (a, f(a)) is the line through \displaystyle (a, f(a)) whose slope is equal to \displaystyle {f}'(a), the derivative of \displaystyle f at \displaystyle a

– Rates of Change

instantaneous rate of change = \displaystyle \lim_{\Delta x \to0 }\frac{\Delta y}{\Delta x}=\lim_{x_{2} \to x_{1}}\frac{f(x_{2})-f(x_{1})}{x_{2}- x_{1}}

– The derivative \displaystyle {f}'(a) is the instantaneous rate of change of \displaystyle y=f(x) with respect to \displaystyle x when \displaystyle x=a



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